As XINS APIs are standard Servlets, most of the management can be done by the Servlet container or the J2EE application server. Most of the management specific to the API is done by editing the runtime property file. See .


JMX MBeans have been added since XINS 1.5.0 to have the possibility to manager the API using standard management tools sush as HP Openview or the JConsole included in the JDK.

The following information are available through the JMX interface:

  • Statistics

  • Bootstrap properties

  • Runtime properties

  • XINS version running

  • API version

  • Startup time

  • The list of the functions

You can also perform the following actions:

  • noOp(): Function that does nothing but can be used to check if the API is up.

  • reloadProperties(): Reload the runtime properties.

Log4J HierarchyDynamicMBean is also registered as MBean.

The object names used for both MBeans starts with org.xins.server.<api name>.

By default, JMX is disabled. To enable it set the runtime property org.xins.server.jmx=true.

To have an overview execute xins run-myproject with Java 1.5 or later and run the jconsole.exe located in jdk\bin.


You can also set a version to your API.

To set the API version create a file in the project directory with the 2 following properties defined: version.major and version.minor.

The version will be apply to all APIs. If you want a specific version for one of the API, create a in the apis\<api name> directory.