Ant tasks

Before using the tasks, you need to define them using the following lines:

  <property environment="env" />
  <taskdef resource="org/xins/common/ant/antlib.xml" classpath="${env.XINS_HOME}/build/xins-common.jar:${env.XINS_HOME}/lib/xmlenc.jar" />

callxins task

The callxins task is used to call a xins API. The result of the call is then stored in properties.


<callxins function="MyFunction"
  <param name="gender" value="m" />
  <param name="personLastName" value="Lee" />

This task will call the MyFunction function of the myproject API. The result will be store in the myapi.message Ant property as MyFunction just returns one output parameter named message.

The prefix attribute is optional.

If the function returns a data section, the properties will be set as described in the Ant XML property task.

xins task

The xins task is used to execute a xins target. If the specifications have changed this target will take care of recreating the build.xml and calling the requested target.

If you execute the script from another directory, you will need to define the projectdir optional attribute.


<xins api="myproject" target="specdocs" />

Note that the api attribute is optional:

<xins target="create-api" />