A. Properties

Table A.1. XINS FF bootstrap properties

Property nameDescriptionExample
xinsff.login.pageThe login page of the web application. If this parameter is not set, this mean that the application doesn't require a login.Login
xinsff.unrestricted.pagesThe list of the pages that don't need to be redirected to the login page if the user is not logged in.RegisterCustomer,ThankYouRegistration
xinsff.error.pageThe page to redirect to if an XSLT error occurs.Error
xinsff.default.commandThe default command to redirect the user when no command is specify in the request.SearchPet
xinsff.error.pageThe command the user should be redirected if an XSLT error occurs.Failure
xinsff.redirect.<function name>If the function is successful, redirect the browser to another page.

If the value of this property is "-", no direction will be done.

If the value of this property is "/", the browser will be redirected to the default command.

<bootstrap-property name="xinsff.redirect.LoginOkay">SearchPet</bootstrap-property>
xinsff.redirect.<function name>[xpath expression]If the function is successful, redirect the browser to another page if the XML result fullfill the xpath expression.<bootstrap-property name="xinsff.redirect.LoginOkay[param[@name="admin"] = 'true']>Console</bootstrap-property>

Table A.2. XINS FF runtime properties

Property nameDescriptionExample
templates.<api name>.xinsff.sourceThis property indicates the location of the XSLT pages. The value must be a URL (file URL or http URL). You can also have system properties in the value by using ${system property}. Don't forget to end the URL with a '/'.templates.petstore.xinsff.source=file:///${user.dir}/apis/petstore/xslt/
templates.cacheSpecify if the XSLT should be cached. The value can be true or false. If the value is not set, the cache is enabled by default.templates.cache=false