The meta functions

When you're starting a XINS server, a set of meta functions are already available. We just saw in the Enable/Diable section the first two _DisableFunction and _EnableFunction. Note that all meta functions start with an underscore.

Table 5. XINS Meta functions

_NoOpNo operation: This meta function does nothing but maybe useful to monitor if the server is up or down or the response time of the server.
_GetVersionGet the running version of xml-enc, XINS, Java and of the API if defined.
_GetSettingsReturns the properties as set in the runtime property file and the Java properties as returned by System.getProperties().
_GetStatisticsReturns the amount of memory used and for each function, the number of successful call, and unsuccessful call with the response time (min, max, last, average).

This function may have a parameter reset=true that performs a reset of the statistics at the same time.

This function may also have a parameter detailed=true that displays the statistics per error code for the unsuccessful results.

_ResetStatisticsResets the statistics.
_ReloadPropertiesReloads the XINS properties file.
_CheckLinksChecks that the API can access the other API's or URL it's using.

This meta function will test the URLs set in the runtime properties file where the property is defined in the impl.xml file with the type _url or _descriptor.

_GetFunctionListReturns the list of the functions.
_DisableFunctionDisables the function passed in the functionName input parameter.
_EnableFunctionEnables the function passed in the functionName input parameter.
_DisableAPIDisables the API by returning HTTP 503 to all requests.
_EnableAPIRe-enables the API that was disabled.
_WSDLReturns the WSDL of the API.
_SMDReturns the Simple Method Description of the API.