Package org.xins.common.collections

Collection-related utility classes.


Interface Summary
PropertyReader Property reader.

Class Summary
AbstractPropertyReader Base for PropertyReader implementations that use an underlying Map instance.
BasicPropertyReader Modifiable implementation of a property reader.
ChainedMap This class provides a Map that stores the key/value pairs in the order that they were added to the Map.
EnumerationIterator Iterator implementation that reads from an Enumeration.
PropertiesPropertyReader Property reader based on a Properties object.
PropertyReaderConverter Converter that is able to convert PropertyReader objects to other kinds of objects.
PropertyReaderUtils Utility functions for dealing with PropertyReader objects.
ProtectedList Modifiable List implementaton that can be protected from unauthorized changes.
ProtectedPropertyReader Modifiable PropertyReader implementaton that can be protected from unauthorized changes.
StatsPropertyReader Immutable property reader that remembers which properties have not been accessed.
UniqueProperties Class that indicates whether a property value is overwritten.
WarnDoubleProperties Class that logs a warning message in the log system if a property value is overwritten.

Exception Summary
IncorrectSecretKeyException Exception that indicates a secret key argument did not match the actual secret key.
InvalidPropertyValueException Exception thrown to indicate the property of a value is invalid.
MissingRequiredPropertyException Exception thrown to indicate a required property has no value set for it.

Package org.xins.common.collections Description

Collection-related utility classes.

XINS 1.0.0