XINS 2.3

XINS/Java Logdoc
org.xins.logdoc Logdoc-supporting classes.


XINS/Java Common Library
org.xins.common Generic utility classes.
org.xins.common.ant Apache Ant utility tasks.
org.xins.common.collections Collection-related utility classes.
org.xins.common.collections.expiry Collections that support expiry.
org.xins.common.http HTTP-related utility classes. I/O-related utility classes.
org.xins.common.manageable Interface for manageable objects, with supporting classes. Network-related utility classes.
org.xins.common.service Service calling classes, supporting load-balancing and failover.
org.xins.common.servlet Servlet-related utility classes.
org.xins.common.servlet.container XINS servlet container classes.
org.xins.common.spec API specification classes.
org.xins.common.spring Classes related to the integration of XINS with the Spring framework.
org.xins.common.text Text-related utility classes.
org.xins.common.types XINS type classes.
org.xins.common.types.standard Standard XINS types.
org.xins.common.xml XML-related classes.


XINS/Java Client Framework
org.xins.client XINS client framework.
org.xins.client.async Functionality for calling XINS APIs asynchronously.


XINS/Java Server Framework
org.xins.server XINS server framework.
org.xins.server.frontend XINS Frontend Framework.