Log documentation

Log entry list

The following entries are defined:
1050Programming error (not due to an unexpected exception).ERROR5
1051Ignoring allowable exception.DEBUG7
1052Programming error (unexpected exception).ERROR5
1053Untranslated debug message.DEBUG1
1100Calling HTTP service.INFO2
1101HTTP service called.DEBUG3
1102Unknown host error while calling HTTP service.NOTICE3
1103Connection refused while calling HTTP service.NOTICE3
1104Connection time-out while calling HTTP service.NOTICE4
1105Socket time-out while calling HTTP service.NOTICE4
1106Total call time-out while calling HTTP service.NOTICE4
1107HTTP result received, status code is considered acceptable.INFO4
1108HTTP result received, status code is considered unacceptable.INFO4
1109Unrecognized I/O error while calling HTTP service.NOTICE3
1110No route to host while calling HTTP service.NOTICE3
1200Starting file watch thread.INFO3
1201Changing file watch interval.INFO4
1202Stopping file watch thread.INFO2
1203Stopped file watch thread.INFO2
1204I/O Error for the HTTPFileWatcher.WARNING0
1250Increasing capacity of FastStringBuffer instance.DEBUG2
1300URL is malformed.DEBUG1
1301Call to a specific target succeeded.DEBUG1
1302Call to a specific target failed.DEBUG1
1303Call completely failed.DEBUG0
1304No more targets and no fail-overDEBUG0
1305No more targets, but fail-over would be allowedDEBUG0
1306More targets available, but fail-over is not allowedDEBUG0
1307More targets available and fail-over is allowedDEBUG0
1308Unsupported protocol.DEBUG1
1309Calling target.DEBUG1
1350A property value has changed.WARNING3
1351A property value has changed.ERROR3
1400Tick processed by expiry folder.DEBUG3
1401Associating expiry folder with expiry stategy thread.DEBUG3
1402Expiry strategy thread started.DEBUG1
1403Expiry strategy thread stopped.DEBUG1
1404Sleeping in expiry strategy thread.DEBUG2
1405Sleep interrupted in expiry strategy thread.DEBUG2
1406Woke up after sleeping in expiry strategy thread.DEBUG2
1407Triggering tick in expiry strategy thread.DEBUG1
1408Constructed a new expiry folderDEBUG2
1409Constructed a new expiry strategy.DEBUG3
1500HTTP Servlet container started on a specific port.INFO1
1501The HTTP Servlet container has thrown an I/O exception.ERROR0
1502Error when closing the HTTP Servlet container.ERROR0
1503Loading and initializing the Servlet.DEBUG1
1504Performing a query to the API.DEBUG1
1505Query to the API failed.ERROR0
1506Query to the API succeeded.DEBUG2
1507Closing the Servlet container.DEBUG0
1508Failed to load the Servlet due to a Servlet exception.ERROR0
1509Failed to load the Servlet due to a generic exception.ERROR0
1510Message logged using the Servlet context.INFO1
1511Exception logged using the Servlet context.WARNING1
1512Failed to load or parse the WEB_INF/web.xml file.ERROR0
1513Incorrect URL.WARNING1
1514Resource not found.WARNING2
1550Unable to create a SAX parser.ERROR0
1600Error when trying to convert a value.WARNING5