Log entry group 'Runtime'

The category for this group is: .runtime
3500Exception thrown during function call.NOTICE2
3501Function attempted to return invalid response.ERROR3
3502Exception result message while checking a URL.DEBUG2
3503Thread to check a URL has started.DEBUG4
3504Thread to check a URL has finished its execution.DEBUG2
3505URL check thread is still active.DEBUG1
3506Calling convention thrown an I/O exception when creating the result.ERROR1
3507Unable to retrieve calling convention.INFO2
3508Request does not specify any calling convention.DEBUG0
3509A calling convention has been selected for a request that did not specify one explicitly.DEBUG1
3510Unable to detect calling convention for request. None of the calling conventions matches.INFO0
3511Unable to detect calling convention for request. Multiple calling conventions match.INFO0
3512Cache miss for parsed request XML.DEBUG0
3513Cache hit for parsed request XML.DEBUG0
3514Caching parsed request XML.DEBUG0
3515Not caching parsed request XML since the content-type is not "text/xml".DEBUG0
3516Skipped call to the function.INFO2
3517Unable to find the specified path in the WAR file.WARNING2