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Packages that use Gender.Item
com.mycompany.myproject.capi Client-side calling interface (CAPI) for the myproject API. 
com.mycompany.myproject.types Types defined in the myproject API. 

Uses of Gender.Item in com.mycompany.myproject.capi

Methods in com.mycompany.myproject.capi that return Gender.Item
 Gender.Item MyFunctionRequest.getGender()
          Gets the value of the gender parameter.

Methods in com.mycompany.myproject.capi with parameters of type Gender.Item
 MyFunctionResult CAPI.callMyFunction(Gender.Item gender, String personLastName)
          Calls the MyFunction function with the specified parameters.
 void MyFunctionRequest.setGender(Gender.Item gender)
          Sets or resets the gender parameter as a com.mycompany.myproject.types.Gender.Item.

Uses of Gender.Item in com.mycompany.myproject.types

Fields in com.mycompany.myproject.types declared as Gender.Item
static Gender.Item Gender.MALE
          The male item.
static Gender.Item Gender.FEMALE
          The female item.

Methods in com.mycompany.myproject.types that return Gender.Item
static Gender.Item Gender.fromStringForRequired(String string)
static Gender.Item Gender.fromStringForOptional(String string)
static Gender.Item Gender.getItemByValue(String value)
          Gets the Item for the specified string value.
static Gender.Item Gender.getItemByName(String name)
          Gets the Item for the specified string name.