XINS targets

Here is a description of the most useful targets.

Table 6. XINS targets

Target nameDescription
run-<api>Runs the WAR for the API.
war-<api>Creates the WAR for the API.
specdocs-<api>Generates all specification documentation for the API.
javadoc-api-<api>Generates Javadoc API documentation for the API.
server-<api>Generates the war file, the Javadoc API documentation for the server side and the specdocs for the API.
jar-<api>Generates and compiles the Java classes for the client-side API.
javadoc-capi-<api>Generates Javadoc API docs for the client-side API.
client-<api>Generates the specdocs, the Javadoc API docs for the client side, the CAPI jar file and a Zip file containing all of this.
clean-<api>Cleans everything for the API.
rebuild-<api>Regenerates everything for the API.
all-<api>Generates everything for the API.
wsdl-<api>Generates the WSDL of the API.
stub-<api>Generates the API stub.
test-<api>Generates the unit tests if needed and tests the API.
javadoc-test-<api>Generates Javadoc for the unit test of the API.
opendoc-<api>Generates the specification of the API in open document format.
allGenerates everything.
cleanRemoves all generated files.
specdocsGenerates all specification docs.
clientsGenerates client-<api> for all APIs.
javadoc-capisGenerates the Javadoc for all CAPIs.
javadoc-apisGenerates the Javadoc for all APIs.
warsCreates the WARs for all APIs.
testsRuns the unit tests of the APIs that have tests.
create-apiGenerates a new api specification file.
create-functionGenerates a new function specification file.
create-rcdGenerates a new error code specification file.
create-typeGenerates a new type specification file.
create-exampleGenerates a new example for a function.
create-logdocGenerates the basic logdoc files for an API.
version or -versionPrints the version of XINS.
helpPrints the possible targets along with the possibles APIs.