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Packages that use IncorrectSecretKeyException
org.xins.common.collections Collection-related utility classes. 

Uses of IncorrectSecretKeyException in org.xins.common.collections

Methods in org.xins.common.collections that throw IncorrectSecretKeyException
 void ProtectedPropertyReader.set(Object secretKey, String name, String value)
          Sets the specified property to the specified value.
 void ProtectedPropertyReader.remove(Object secretKey, String name)
          Removes the specified property.
 void ProtectedPropertyReader.clear(Object secretKey)
          Removes all properties.
 void ProtectedPropertyReader.copyFrom(Object secretKey, PropertyReader source)
          Copies all entries from the specified property reader into this one.
 void ProtectedList.add(Object secretKey, Object element)
          Adds the specified element to the list.
 void ProtectedList.remove(Object secretKey, int index)
          Removes the specified element.