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Packages that use Manageable.State
org.xins.common.manageable Interface for manageable objects, with supporting classes. 

Uses of Manageable.State in org.xins.common.manageable

Fields in org.xins.common.manageable declared as Manageable.State
static Manageable.State Manageable.UNUSABLE
          The UNUSABLE state.
static Manageable.State Manageable.BOOTSTRAPPING
          The BOOTSTRAPPING state.
static Manageable.State Manageable.BOOTSTRAPPED
          The BOOTSTRAPPED state.
static Manageable.State Manageable.INITIALIZING
          The INITIALIZING state.
static Manageable.State Manageable.USABLE
          The USABLE state.
static Manageable.State Manageable.DEINITIALIZING
          The DEINITIALIZING state.

Methods in org.xins.common.manageable that return Manageable.State
 Manageable.State Manageable.getState()
          Gets the current state of this object.