Uses of Class

Packages that use Manageable
org.xins.server XINS server framework. 
org.xins.server.frontend XINS Frontend Framework. 

Uses of Manageable in org.xins.server

Subclasses of Manageable in org.xins.server
 class API
          Base class for API implementation classes.
(package private)  class org.xins.server.CallingConvention
          Abstraction of a calling convention.
 class CustomCallingConvention
          Base class for calling convention implementations that are not part of the core XINS framework.
 class Function
          Base class for function implementation classes.

Methods in org.xins.server with parameters of type Manageable
protected  void API.add(Manageable m)
          Adds the specified manageable object.

Uses of Manageable in org.xins.server.frontend

Subclasses of Manageable in org.xins.server.frontend
 class FrontendCallingConvention
          XINS Front-end Framework calling convention.
 class SessionManager
          Manager for the sessions and session properties for the XINS front-end framework.