Uses of Class

Packages that use ServiceCaller
org.xins.client XINS client framework. 
org.xins.common.http HTTP-related utility classes. 
org.xins.common.service Service calling classes, supporting load-balancing and failover. 

Uses of ServiceCaller in org.xins.client

Subclasses of ServiceCaller in org.xins.client
 class XINSServiceCaller
          XINS service caller.

Uses of ServiceCaller in org.xins.common.http

Subclasses of ServiceCaller in org.xins.common.http
 class HTTPServiceCaller
          HTTP service caller.

Uses of ServiceCaller in org.xins.common.service

Methods in org.xins.common.service with parameters of type ServiceCaller
static Descriptor caller, PropertyReader properties, String propertyName)
          Builds a Descriptor based on the specified set of properties, for the specified service caller.