Uses of Class

Packages that use InvalidSpecificationException
org.xins.client XINS client framework. 
org.xins.common.spec API specification classes. 
org.xins.server XINS server framework. 

Uses of InvalidSpecificationException in org.xins.client

Methods in org.xins.client that throw InvalidSpecificationException
 APISpec AbstractCAPI.getAPISpecification()
          Get the specification of the API.

Uses of InvalidSpecificationException in org.xins.common.spec

Constructors in org.xins.common.spec that throw InvalidSpecificationException
ErrorCodeSpec(String name, Class reference, String baseURL)
          Creates a new instance of ErrorCodeSpec.
APISpec(Class reference, String baseURL)
          Creates a new instance of APISpec.

Uses of InvalidSpecificationException in org.xins.server

Methods in org.xins.server that throw InvalidSpecificationException
 APISpec API.getAPISpecification()
          Get the specification of the API.