Package org.xins.common.text

Text-related utility classes.


Class Summary
DateConverter Utility class for converting a UNIX Epoch date to a human-readable time stamp.
FastStringBuffer Fast, unsynchronized string buffer implementation.
HexConverter Utility class for converting numbers to unsigned hex strings and vice versa.
SimplePatternParser Simple pattern parser.
TextUtils Text-related utility functions.
URLEncoding URL encoding utility functions with Unicode support.
WhislEncoding Deprecated. Deprecated since XINS 1.4.0.

Exception Summary
FormatException Exception thrown if a character string does not match a certain format.
NonASCIIException Deprecated. Deprecated since XINS 1.4.0.
ParseException Exception thrown to indicate a parsing failure.

Package org.xins.common.text Description

Text-related utility classes.

XINS 1.0.0