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Packages that use ItemList
org.xins.common.types XINS type classes. 
org.xins.common.types.standard Standard XINS types. 

Uses of ItemList in org.xins.common.types

Methods in org.xins.common.types that return ItemList
 ItemList List.createList()
          Creates a new ItemList.

Methods in org.xins.common.types with parameters of type ItemList
 String List.toString(ItemList value)
          Converts the specified ItemList to a string.

Uses of ItemList in org.xins.common.types.standard

Subclasses of ItemList in org.xins.common.types.standard
static class List.Value
          Inner class that represents a list of java.lang.String.
static class Set.Value
          Inner class that represents a list of java.lang.String.

Methods in org.xins.common.types.standard that return ItemList
 ItemList Set.createList()
 ItemList List.createList()