Uses of Class

Packages that use Type
org.xins.common.spec API specification classes. 
org.xins.common.types XINS type classes. 
org.xins.common.types.standard Standard XINS types. 

Uses of Type in org.xins.common.spec

Methods in org.xins.common.spec that return Type
 Type ParameterSpec.getType()
          Gets the type of the parameter.

Uses of Type in org.xins.common.types

Subclasses of Type in org.xins.common.types
 class EnumType
          Abstract base class for enumeration types.
 class List
          Abstract base class for list types.
 class PatternType
          Abstract base class for pattern types.

Methods in org.xins.common.types that return Type
 Type TypeValueException.getType()
          Retrieves the type.

Constructors in org.xins.common.types with parameters of type Type
List(String name, Type itemType)
          Constructs a new List object (constructor for subclasses).
TypeValueException(Type type, String value)
          Creates a new TypeValueException.
TypeValueException(Type type, String value, String detail)
          Creates a new TypeValueException.

Uses of Type in org.xins.common.types.standard

Subclasses of Type in org.xins.common.types.standard
 class Base64
          Standard type _base64.
 class Boolean
          Standard type _boolean.
 class Date
          Standard type _date.
 class Descriptor
          Standard type _descriptor.
 class Float32
          Standard type _float32.
 class Float64
          Standard type _float64.
 class Hex
          Standard type _hex.
 class Int16
          Standard type _int16.
 class Int32
          Standard type _int32.
 class Int64
          Standard type _int64.
 class Int8
          Standard type _int8.
 class Properties
          Standard type _properties.
 class Set
          Standard type _list.
 class Text
          Standard type _text.
 class Timestamp
          Standard type _timestamp.
 class URL
          Standard type _url.

Constructors in org.xins.common.types.standard with parameters of type Type
Properties(String name, Type nameType, Type valueType)
          Constructs a new Properties object (constructor for subclasses).