Package org.xins.logdoc

Logdoc-supporting classes.


Interface Summary
LogdocSerializable Interface for objects that support serialization for logdoc.

Class Summary
AbstractLog Abstract base class for logdoc Log classes.
AbstractLog.LogController Log controller.
AbstractLogdocSerializable Abstract base class for LogdocSerializable implementations, with support for lazy initialization.
ExceptionUtils Utility functions related to exceptions.
LogCentral Central class for logdoc logging.
LogdocExceptionUtils Deprecated. Deprecated since XINS 1.2.0.
LogdocHexConverter Utility class for converting numbers to unsigned hex strings and vice versa, specifically for Logdoc classes.
LogdocStringBuffer Fast, unsynchronized string buffer implementation, specifically for Logdoc classes.
MandatoryArgumentChecker Utility class used to check mandatory method arguments.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedLocaleException Exception thrown if a specified locale is not supported by at least one logdoc Log class.

Error Summary
UnsupportedLocaleError Error thrown if a mandatory locale is not supported by a logdoc Log class.

Package org.xins.logdoc Description

Logdoc-supporting classes.

XINS 1.0.0