Uses of Class

Packages that use API
org.xins.server XINS server framework. 
org.xins.server.frontend XINS Frontend Framework. 

Uses of API in org.xins.server

Methods in org.xins.server that return API
 API Function.getAPI()
          Returns the API that contains this function.

Constructors in org.xins.server with parameters of type API
ResultCode(API api, String name, String value)
          Constructs a new ResultCode for the specified API.
Function(API api, String name, String version)
          Constructs a new Function.

Uses of API in org.xins.server.frontend

Constructors in org.xins.server.frontend with parameters of type API
FrontendCallingConvention(API api)
          Creates a new FrontendCallingConvention instance.
SessionManager(API api)
          Creates the session manager.