Log entry group 'Servlet container'

The category for this group is: .container
1500HTTP Servlet container started on a specific port.INFO1
1501The HTTP Servlet container has thrown an I/O exception.ERROR0
1502Error when closing the HTTP Servlet container.ERROR0
1503Loading and initializing the Servlet.DEBUG1
1504Performing a query to the API.DEBUG1
1505Query to the API failed.ERROR0
1506Query to the API succeeded.DEBUG2
1507Closing the Servlet container.DEBUG0
1508Failed to load the Servlet due to a Servlet exception.ERROR0
1509Failed to load the Servlet due to a generic exception.ERROR0
1510Message logged using the Servlet context.INFO1
1511Exception logged using the Servlet context.WARNING1
1512Failed to load or parse the WEB_INF/web.xml file.ERROR0
1513Incorrect URL.WARNING1
1514Resource not found.WARNING2