XINS - Demonstration Page

Flash Demo

This Flash demo will show you how to define, implement and run a XINS API using NetBeans.

Example Specifications

Below are some example specification files. Such files are input to XINS, from which it generates its code and documentation.

File name Description
xins-project.xml Project definition, with a list of APIs.
apis/myproject/spec/api.xml Definition of the API.
apis/myproject/spec/MyFunction.fnc Definition of the function.
apis/myproject/spec/lastName.typ Definition of a pattern type used by the function.
apis/myproject/spec/gender.typ Definition of an enumeration type used by the function.
apis/myproject/spec/NoVowel.rcd Definition of a custom error code that can be returned by the function.
apis/myproject/environments.xml List of the environments running API implementations.
apis/myproject/impl/impl.xml Implementation-specific settings.


Below is a list of example xins commands, with a brief description of the effect. You may execute xins help to get a descriptive list of all available commands for your XINS project.

Command Example output Description
xins specdocs specdocs Documentation of the specification, in HTML.
xins wsdl-myproject myproject.wsdl WSDL definition of the API, used in conjunction with a SOAP call.
xins jar-myproject myproject-capi.jar JAR file with generated client-side code (CAPI). Classes in this JAR file require xins-client.jar and xins-common.jar.
xins javadoc-capi-myproject CAPI Javadoc Javadoc for the generated client-side code (CAPI). Matches what is in the JAR file.
xins client-myproject ZIP file containing all of the above.
xins war-myproject
A skeleton of the function to implement.
The web application.
xins javadoc-api-myproject Javadoc API javadoc of the API.
xins run-myproject none Runs the API implementation using an internal servlet container, for test-purposes.
xins test-myproject Unit tests code
Unit tests result
Generates the unit tests from the examples and run the tests.
xins opendoc-myproject OpenDocument doc
same but in PDF
Generates the documentation of the specification in OpenDocument format. The transformation to PDF has been done using

Note: To execute these commands for your own API, replace myproject with the name of your API.