XINS - Documentation


Primer 'Hello World' for XINS. Lets you create a simple API, within 15 minutes.
User Guide (PDF here) Explains how to install XINS, create projects, APIs, etc. Describes all the possibilities of the XINS framework.
Calling Convention Primer Explains how to write a custom calling convention (protocol) for XINS.
Front-end Framework (PDF here) Explains the how to use the XINS Front-end Framework.


Introduction to XINS High-level introduction to XINS, mainly targeted at management.
Frameworks and XINS Explores the advantages of frameworks in general and XINS in particular. Targeted mainly at developers.
XINS 2.0 features Discover the features added to the 2.0 release.
XINS 2.1 features Discover the features added to the 2.1 release.


Javadoc Public Javadoc of the latest stable release.
Communication protocol (PDF here) Explains the HTTP-based protocol, exchanged between the client and the server, when the standard calling convention is used.
Logdoc List and description of the log messages logged by the XINS framework.


Migration 2.3 to 3.0 This article explains the steps to migrate XINS APIs from 2.3 to XINS 3.0.
Asynchronous calls This article explores various ways of calling XINS APIs asynchronously.
Result caching This article explains the advantages and drawbacks of result caching and how to it.
Scripting implementation This article explains how to write a Web Service using a scripting language.
XINS performance Performance comparaison between XINS and other Web Services frameworks.