Package org.xins.common.ant

Apache Ant utility tasks.


Class Summary
CallTargetsTask Apache Ant task that calls one or more targets in a separate build file.
CallXINSTask Apache Ant task that call a function of a XINS API, the result is stored in Ant properties.
CreateExampleTask Apache Ant task that generates the specification code of an example based on the request URL.
HostnameTask Apache Ant task that determines the host name.
HungarianMapper Apache Ant mapper that change the case of the first character of a filename to upper, if it is a lowercase letter.
UppercaseTask Apache Ant task that uppercase a text.

Package org.xins.common.ant Description

Apache Ant utility tasks.

The classes in this package are meant for internal use by XINS. Please do not use these classes directly.

XINS 1.0.0