Package org.xins.common

Generic utility classes.


Class Summary
BeanUtils This class contains some utility methods that fills an object with values from another object.
ExceptionUtils Deprecated. Deprecated since XINS 1.2.0.
Library Class that represents the XINS/Java Common Library.
Log Central logging handler.
MandatoryArgumentChecker Utility class used to check mandatory method arguments.
TimeOutController Utility class for executing a task with a certain time-out period.
TranslationBundle Translation bundle for log messages.
TranslationBundle_en_US Translation bundle for the en_US locale.
TranslationBundle_fr_FR Translation bundle for the fr_FR locale.
Utils General utility functions.

Exception Summary
ProgrammingException Exception thrown when a programming error is detected.
TimeOutException Exception that indicates the total time-out for a service call was reached.

Package org.xins.common Description

Generic utility classes.

In this package, the following classes are meant only for internal use within the XINS/Java Common Library:

Please do not use these classes directly.

XINS 1.0.0