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Packages that use Element
org.xins.client XINS client framework. 
org.xins.common Generic utility classes. 
org.xins.common.xml XML-related classes. 
org.xins.server XINS server framework. 

Uses of Element in org.xins.client

Methods in org.xins.client that return Element
 Element DataElement.toXMLElement()
          Converts this DataElement to a Element object.
protected  Element AbstractCAPICallRequest.getDataElement()
          Gets the data section.
 Element XINSCallRequest.getDataSection()
          Retrieves the data section for the input.

Methods in org.xins.client with parameters of type Element
protected  void AbstractCAPICallRequest.putDataSection(Element dataSection)
          Sets the data section.
protected  void AbstractCAPICallRequest.add(Element element)
          Add a new Element to the data element.
 void XINSCallRequest.setDataSection(Element dataSection)
          Sets the data section for the input.

Constructors in org.xins.client with parameters of type Element
XINSCallRequest(String functionName, PropertyReader parameters, Element dataSection)
          Constructs a new XINSCallRequest for the specified function and parameters, disallowing fail-over unless the request was definitely not (yet) accepted by the service.

Uses of Element in org.xins.common

Methods in org.xins.common with parameters of type Element
static Object BeanUtils.xmlToObject(Element element, Object result)
          Fills the result object with of the content of the XML element object.

Uses of Element in org.xins.common.xml

Methods in org.xins.common.xml that return Element
 Element ElementBuilder.createElement()
          Creates the Element.
 Element Element.getUniqueChildElement(String elementName)
          Gets the unique child of this element.
 Element ElementParser.parse(Reader in)
          Parses content of a character stream to create an XML Element object.

Methods in org.xins.common.xml with parameters of type Element
 void ElementBuilder.addChild(Element child)
          Adds a new child element.
 String ElementSerializer.serialize(Element element)
          Serializes the element to XML.
 void ElementSerializer.output(XMLOutputter out, Element element)
          Generates XML for the specified Element.

Uses of Element in org.xins.server

Methods in org.xins.server that return Element
 Element CallContext.getDataElement()
          Returns the data section of the request, if any.
 Element FunctionResult.getDataElement()
          Gets the data element from this result.

Methods in org.xins.server with parameters of type Element
protected  void FunctionResult.add(Element element)
          Adds a new org.xins.common.xml.Element to the data element.

Constructors in org.xins.server with parameters of type Element
FunctionRequest(String functionName, PropertyReader parameters, Element dataElement)
          Creates a new FunctionRequest.